My own hand, this was the first time I attempted the toilet paper wrapping and... IT WORKED! I should have never doubted all those internet peoples. The TP sticks perfectly to the sticky dry henna and seemed perfectly content just stay there. I even did some designs on my feet which, after the henna dried, remained pretty crisp. It was also nice to not wake up with henna bits all in my socks and my bed. That's kinda gross.
I did these on my mum while visiting over the weekend. As expected, I'm going to need to figure out how to restrain her from smudging all the fresh work!


Henna 005

Attempt 005, mixed my own henna, dye release came quickly (harhar), and the stain is a crazy chromium orange in under 3 hours. Need to sift the henna for the next batch as this one was kind of clumpy and kept clogging the bottle, but I think I'm getting somewhere!


Henna 004

I found ready-made henna in a little shop on 1st and 6th (which also sells a friggin' awesome selection of nice soaps and a heaping crap ton of amazing spices and dried fruit), as well as the henna powder. Last night I used the Jani henna which seemed like it was probably pretty aged, I applied it with the jac bottle I used last time (it was a little runny, but worked really well in the bottle), and used the sugar/lemon glaze to coat. 

So here it is, left on overnight... the henna probably was old, and my feet were freezing (It seems heat has something do w/ the dying process as well). It's definitely darker than the previous batch, and my designs are improving (sort of)... but we will wait till this weekend to have another go.


Henna Test 003

Well, at least you can discern that I was attempting a design...

Went to craft shop last night and found plastic squeezy bottles w/ tiny tips, it was MUCH easier to control, though I'm still using a little too much. After the application I dabbed w/ lemon/sugar, let it dry (mostly) and wrapped it loosely in plasticwrap and sports tape for the night. The top and bottom of the wrap got all messed up over the night, which is why there is so much staining on my wrist... this shouldn't be a  real problem though since it'll be used in the morning, ultimately. I should test this weekend where I can do this early and leave on for the day.


Henna : A Montage of Progress

So I've been elected the henna artist for mum's wedding in June, which is good because we're off to a slow start.

Attempt one, henna left on for two hours. I need to work on designs and technique, I wasn't really paying too much attention when I did this. Also must consider a way to keep it covered so I don't start picking at the drying crumbs. 

The stain isn't too bad, though... at least I got my chemistry right.

From the same evening, left on overnight with a glaze of watered elmers glue. Slightly darker stain, but need to find a more effective wrap, and a way to keep the blobs moist. 


The Seraph of Creation

Hmm... don't know what to put in the banner... and I think it needs more arms... arms with other art supplies like pens and brushes...yeeeessssss...