Threadless :: Collaboration Celebration

Still awaiting approval from the Threadless team, check out this lovely collaboration between the ever fabulous Anna-Maria Jung and I.

Revenge of the Damsels - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever


WIP :: Super Secret Project! - COLORS?!

So this is me, pulling my hair out, wondering whether these colors look right. Do these colors look right? I can't tell! I CAN'T TELL!

On the upside, almost done and before the deadline, no less! *fist pump*


WIP :: Super Secret Project! - final inks

Geez, I didn't think I would ever get those pencils done. Now I have one week to finish coloring. GAH! GAAAH! AAAAAH!

Can she do it? You bet your bottom I can.

More to come; same bat time, same bat channel.