Henna : A Montage of Progress

So I've been elected the henna artist for mum's wedding in June, which is good because we're off to a slow start.

Attempt one, henna left on for two hours. I need to work on designs and technique, I wasn't really paying too much attention when I did this. Also must consider a way to keep it covered so I don't start picking at the drying crumbs. 

The stain isn't too bad, though... at least I got my chemistry right.

From the same evening, left on overnight with a glaze of watered elmers glue. Slightly darker stain, but need to find a more effective wrap, and a way to keep the blobs moist. 


Henna Muse said...

A little more sugar in your mix will make it stick better and stay moist longer. A mix of half sugar and half lemon juice can be applied with a misting bottle as it dries to keep it moist too. (I have it for sale on my web site if you don't wan to to to the effort of making it)

I wrap my hands in TP like a mummy and then put socks on my hands over that to help me keep from picking and knocking chunks off.

Good luck!

spyder said...

Thanks HM!!! The extra sugar really worked, trying the TP soon!