The Zombies Ride at Dawn and the Magicians Assistant

Over on my Facebook Fan Page I asked fans to suggest something for me to draw. The suggestion given was "zombie unicorn" and this is what I came up with along with a quick show of the process. this was definitely one of those lucky times where the first sketch and the finished piece look pretty much the same!

First there was the sketch... 

Then there was the cleaned up pencils. 

Then comes inks and colors!

I also participate in the Today's Doodle blog, an excellent repository of talent and daily drawings from around the world. Here's one of mine from the topic for "magicians assistant".


Tools of the Trade

Just something quick for the moment, for those who are curious. Here are some of the supplies I use to draw!


American Gods Art Jam

I got to be part of a really excellent art jam over at SuperPunch - there were so many great illustrations! I feel great being part of such an esteemed group of illos.

This illo gave me lots of trouble, it really took awhile for me to figure out exactly how I wanted to show Mr. Ibis & Mr. Jacquel. Below are a bunch of my sketches, the early colored work, and finally the finished piece.

Make sure to check out the rest of the great illustrations up on SuperPunch!


Of Tees and Tshirts

Big news folks, if you don't know already, my Doctor Who tshirt collab w/ Anna-Maria Jung is up for purchase at J!NX. Available in ladies and gents fittings!

The Doctor loves silly hats!
Speaking of collaborations w/ Anna-Maria, here's one that just finished voting on Threadless! This might be my favorite collaboration yet. Check out Anna-Maria's blog for a nice recount of our process working as a team.

Ninjas! Dinosaurs! Space! Melee! EPIC!
Here's an illo I've just finished - maybe it will be a tee shirt somewhere? Maybe not. Either way - I've had this idea about meerkats as hipsters for awhile, and I finally got around to drawing it!

Also, I've got a random assortment of shirts up at Tilteed and DesignbyHumans for voting. Why not leave a few comments?

Expect a few more tshirt subs soon, as well as some other goodies. 
That's all for now!