A Return from the Depths of the Semester

Geeeeeez, what a semester! It was pretty rough at the end; I really learned a lot about painting with watercolors aI also learned that I need to work on my time management skills! You can see a lot of the preliminary work on my Tumblr page, but here's a roundup of some of my pieces from the last few months: 
A Self Portrait: I am very humble.
Ink wash
Based on the song "(Nothing But) Flowers" by the Talking Heads
I will never underestimate the value of value again.
The Vampyr - Digital
Gretel Had Enough - Fairy Tales Assignment
A Pepperpot Study: A Tribute to Mike Mignola, master of composition.
I'm excited that the semester is over, because now I can get back to working on The Pepper Chronicles, my comic project with Anna-Maria Jung and Daniel Scribner. And hey! You can get all of the updates on the comic by following us on Facebook!