Spiderman #666 Variant Comic for Jim Hanley's Universe

For the release of Amazing Spiderman #666 (written by Dan Slott, penciled by Stefano Caselli) Marvel gave comic shops the option of placing an image of their choosing on the cover of the Daily Bugle. 

My local shop, Jim Hanley's Universe (which is full of awesome, btw), asked me to come up with an image for their variant. After some thinking I came up with the below illo of long time comic enthusiasts and managers of JHU Nick Purpura (on the left) and Ronnie Hill with his darling babe (in the middle) just moments after Spidey has saved the beloved and iconic shop from the evil clutches of evil (alas, Nick got a little scuffed up in the process).

You can swing by (haha) Jim Hanley's Universe (located in midtown Manhattan, across from the Empire State Building as well as in New Dorp, Staten Island) to pick up this special variant today!

Even babies love Spider-Man!

A long box of comics with my illo! Yes!


Drawing @ SOI

Last night I went to the Society of Illustrators for a little costume drawing. The theme was Bastille Day so the ladies were dressed up as saucy French women; they brought bread as a prop which broke soon into the drawing session. After the bread broke, there was a bready battle!


Shirts Shirts and more Shirts

Hey there kiddos! Some new stuff for the month of July!

FIRST, you can buy stuff with pictures I've made on it! Yes, it's true, I've opened a Spreadshirt shop where you can acquire a shirt with everyone's favorite Nerdy Ganesha image!

You can ALSO go to MY CAFEPRESS SHOP and find a pint glass with the same image on it.

You can expect to see more designs up soon. If you have suggestions for products or favorite illustrations let me know!


Also up, is a new Threadless design featuring many, many bunnies. Gosh, I really, REALLY love bunnies.

Million of Bunnies - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More