Things are hectic, the weather is frosty, and the year is almost over! I
can't believe it! My time the past few months is largely filled these
days with crafts and the illustrations I've been doing for an RPG
project dubbed EPHEMORA (of which I've begun posting some of the illos).
I've been commissioned to do 80 small spot illos for the book, due
sometime next year (Feb is my deadline). It's fun work, and something
very different from the usual fantasy based work I've been known to do.

In other news, a need reference and inspiration has led me to begin
utilizing Google's Reader application, which is really lots of fun if
you haven't used it yet. It's a pretty great way to keep track of a
bunch of blogs (I have around 15-20 different art blogs which I try to
keep up with, GR let's me know who updates so I don't have to check them
all the time), as well as any kind of random info I pick up in my
internet trollings. Check out the LOOKIT box in the right hand toolbar
of the blog for the latest of my postings (or just go HERE).

My crochet kick has been short lived after my left hand went numb
despite trying to be extra careful against any hand strain (the crochet
does murder to my hands!), so there won't be much else in regards to the
crocheted excitement. I've started knitting, but it's just not the same
(I really, really loved crochet), but at least I'll still have a yarnish
needle craft. I'm planning on picking up a sewing machine in the new
year with my illustration funds, so that should allow me to keep up
crafting without crippling myself further. Hurray.