Henna 004

I found ready-made henna in a little shop on 1st and 6th (which also sells a friggin' awesome selection of nice soaps and a heaping crap ton of amazing spices and dried fruit), as well as the henna powder. Last night I used the Jani henna which seemed like it was probably pretty aged, I applied it with the jac bottle I used last time (it was a little runny, but worked really well in the bottle), and used the sugar/lemon glaze to coat. 

So here it is, left on overnight... the henna probably was old, and my feet were freezing (It seems heat has something do w/ the dying process as well). It's definitely darker than the previous batch, and my designs are improving (sort of)... but we will wait till this weekend to have another go.

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Queen Mob said...

This looks like somthing I would be much too impatient to do... :-| Congrats on the prgress!