Art School :: Uuuuughhhh

While the majority of my classes this semester are pretty good, there's always one that drives me insane.  It's been a long time since I've had an art teacher that has given me an assignment that has made me so irritated; The project, in a nutshell, is to make a huge drawing on illustration board, from magazine reference. The layouts were put down by the teacher (she claims the students have never been able to make good layouts in past years), and we're supposed to "find the shapes" in each figure - apparently this makes every drawing good "always, every time, no exceptions". 


In any case, I'm making the best of this project and really working on those cross hatch and stippling skills, I'm actually pretty happy with how it looks so far - considering I'm less than thrilled with the subject matter itself. I'm also head over heels about working on illustration board, which the ink flows over and sits on the surface without any bleeding or buckling. It's a thing of beauty, I tell you.

I started this out by using the same process I used in my Illustration 101 class, blowing up the reference image and laying it out using a transfer sheet, then just inking it in as I go with brushes, dip pens and a .07 marker. 

Now it's time to get back to work, this thing is due in the morning.


Dr. Sketchy's NYC

I went to my first Dr. Sketchy meet up here in NYC last week, the theme was Godzilla! Dr. Sketchy's is hosted at the Bowery Poetry Club, the costumes are fun and silly and there's booze and prizes for silly drawing!
Warm up, one minute sketch!
I wish they had used the tiny, old school Godzilla head more. This was the only time the model used it.

The theme for this one was an epic battle between Godzilla and someone. Not remembering how to draw Ultraman, I made a knockoff Ultraman and won an enormous, squishy narwhal!


Portrait from Photo :: Process

I'm taking a really great illustration class at FIT with Salvatore Catalano. With some tricks I was able to paint this (fairly impressive, IMHO) portrait in acrylic.

The trick was making a transfer of the original photo then slowly working in each of the values. Finally, using some matte acrylic medium to thin the acrylic a dry brush technique is used to blend the values together.
The finished piece, it looks like me!
Almost done! At this point Sal told me I needed to soften all the hard edges (like around the shirt and the hair) as well as adding a tiny bit more value to the nose. The softened edges really MADE the piece.
The ugly baby phase. Ugh, at this point in the painting I was a little worried it would never look good. An important lesson as an artist is to know that you just need to keep working no matter how fugly a piece is looking -- it will eventually get better!

This is the first pass at the major values over the tracing of the photo.


The Zombies Ride at Dawn and the Magicians Assistant

Over on my Facebook Fan Page I asked fans to suggest something for me to draw. The suggestion given was "zombie unicorn" and this is what I came up with along with a quick show of the process. this was definitely one of those lucky times where the first sketch and the finished piece look pretty much the same!

First there was the sketch... 

Then there was the cleaned up pencils. 

Then comes inks and colors!

I also participate in the Today's Doodle blog, an excellent repository of talent and daily drawings from around the world. Here's one of mine from the topic for "magicians assistant".


Tools of the Trade

Just something quick for the moment, for those who are curious. Here are some of the supplies I use to draw!


American Gods Art Jam

I got to be part of a really excellent art jam over at SuperPunch - there were so many great illustrations! I feel great being part of such an esteemed group of illos.

This illo gave me lots of trouble, it really took awhile for me to figure out exactly how I wanted to show Mr. Ibis & Mr. Jacquel. Below are a bunch of my sketches, the early colored work, and finally the finished piece.

Make sure to check out the rest of the great illustrations up on SuperPunch!


Of Tees and Tshirts

Big news folks, if you don't know already, my Doctor Who tshirt collab w/ Anna-Maria Jung is up for purchase at J!NX. Available in ladies and gents fittings!

The Doctor loves silly hats!
Speaking of collaborations w/ Anna-Maria, here's one that just finished voting on Threadless! This might be my favorite collaboration yet. Check out Anna-Maria's blog for a nice recount of our process working as a team.

Ninjas! Dinosaurs! Space! Melee! EPIC!
Here's an illo I've just finished - maybe it will be a tee shirt somewhere? Maybe not. Either way - I've had this idea about meerkats as hipsters for awhile, and I finally got around to drawing it!

Also, I've got a random assortment of shirts up at Tilteed and DesignbyHumans for voting. Why not leave a few comments?

Expect a few more tshirt subs soon, as well as some other goodies. 
That's all for now!


Project Pepperpot: world building

I mentioned back in May that Anna-Maria Jung (whose blog you should go see for more updates on our collaborative pepperpot project) and I had combined our skills and begun a project together. That project (deemed Project: Pepperpot for now) is coming together great! 

One of my favorite things about working on this project is all of the world building involved. Figuring out what the cities and towns will look like, how our characters will dress and (my favorite part) figuring out the sorts of animals that are running around this world.

Here are some of my favorite creature sketches so far:

those look like they'd be useful with a slingshot...
I LOVE giant, rideable birds.


squeek squeek squeeker squeek

Stay tuned here at Cubefarm for more updates on how the project is going and other artsy updates. 

Want more? Make sure to check out my spot on DeviantArt, my new TUMBLR account and my updated website for all the latest rebekie.b stuff!


threadless :: the children of the night...

  • I seem to be on a drawing spree! Another Threadless sub based on the Dracula quote:

    • Listen to them - the children of the night. What music they make!

    The Children of the Night... - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


    Threadless :: Super Botanical Study

    I really adore the old botanical illustration style and nature identification books in general. All those details, those lovely watercolors, that illegible writing! 

    Here's a play on those illustrations featuring creatures from one of my favorite video games. 

    Mushrooms, piranha plants, koopas and goombas - oh my!

    Super Botanical Study - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


    Threadless :: Moonlight Foxes

    Here's my latest submission at Threadless.

    Sometimes an idea comes out pretty much fully formed, this was one of them.

    A fully formed sketch! I don't think I even drew a thumbnail for this one.
    The finished piece took a few hours, but came together with seemingly little effort. I think it looks great!

    Moonlight Foxes - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


    Spiderman #666 Variant Comic for Jim Hanley's Universe

    For the release of Amazing Spiderman #666 (written by Dan Slott, penciled by Stefano Caselli) Marvel gave comic shops the option of placing an image of their choosing on the cover of the Daily Bugle. 

    My local shop, Jim Hanley's Universe (which is full of awesome, btw), asked me to come up with an image for their variant. After some thinking I came up with the below illo of long time comic enthusiasts and managers of JHU Nick Purpura (on the left) and Ronnie Hill with his darling babe (in the middle) just moments after Spidey has saved the beloved and iconic shop from the evil clutches of evil (alas, Nick got a little scuffed up in the process).

    You can swing by (haha) Jim Hanley's Universe (located in midtown Manhattan, across from the Empire State Building as well as in New Dorp, Staten Island) to pick up this special variant today!

    Even babies love Spider-Man!

    A long box of comics with my illo! Yes!