Returned from Beyond

Im back, and I have many, many pictures! Yay!

The whole lot of them can be seen HERE at the tattered remains of my non-existent website. Be sure to check out the subfolder of cool stencil graffiti, too! You can also go to my Facebook photo gallery for a more friendly version of the album which also has little captions of whats what. Stencils HERE.

The trip was absolutely fantastic, I couldn't have asked for a better vacation. Lots of kudos to Anna-Maria for being the fabulous guest-giver she is, I couldn't have gone without her, especially with the current exchange rates what they are (ouch!). So, huzzah to her! 

 My trip was filled with fabulous dorkiness (watched Doctor Who to an almost embarrassing degree), good food, and lots and lots of sight seeing, there were some fantastic museums of the art and weaponry kind, there was movie watching, and laughing, and art making. 

When can I go again??

In the end though, coming back through the yellow layer of smog to the chemical red sunset of New York it was nice to be back. One misses so many little things while away, most especially being in your own space. It was nice to return to my cats, and my stuff, and my art supplies. Even work seemed (for maybe five minutes) less evil than it was when I left. 

And now Im back, returned to the subway, and the people, and the noise. And knowing how much I really love this hot, horrible city.