Project Pepperpot: world building

I mentioned back in May that Anna-Maria Jung (whose blog you should go see for more updates on our collaborative pepperpot project) and I had combined our skills and begun a project together. That project (deemed Project: Pepperpot for now) is coming together great! 

One of my favorite things about working on this project is all of the world building involved. Figuring out what the cities and towns will look like, how our characters will dress and (my favorite part) figuring out the sorts of animals that are running around this world.

Here are some of my favorite creature sketches so far:

those look like they'd be useful with a slingshot...
I LOVE giant, rideable birds.


squeek squeek squeeker squeek

Stay tuned here at Cubefarm for more updates on how the project is going and other artsy updates. 

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