BurningWheel Illustrations

Here they are! My four pieces for Burning Wheel!


Vishal K Bharadwaj - allVishal.com said...


Especially love the lady & hawk.

Spyder said...

Me too! My favorite piece, and the first one done. That Duel picture was a little bitch to finish though.

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

Im in love with those pictures. I didnt know you had to put Dallas to sleep. Im sorry! Last time I asked she was doing ok. Buy Austria tickets!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Minigieloura! : )


Maija said...

They are gorgeous, and I am insanely jealous. Pics for RPG books, that's so cool! I, too, like the hawk one, but I'm also partial to the woman with the swords and the monster.

Can I ask what supplies you use to do these? A brush pen, maybe, or ink from a bottle?

Spyder said...


all of these were sketched in pencil then scanned and "inked" in photoshop (with the exception of the lady/hawk which was inked by hand and detailed in pshop.)

I ink w/ a mix of brush/ink, felt pens, and crowquill.