A Funny Story

So, funny story:

I was in my sculpture class this evening, putting on a little peformance art of the body. Now, now, nothing filthy, I was just cutting my hair for the class to see. I was doing okay, they were all impressed by my ballsie ness at shaving bits of my hair into a mohawk as I usually do in the privacy of my own home. Once done with the main cutting, I hoped to do the finer detail work, realized I didnt have the no.2 clipper, but decided to go at it anyway....

It'll be even funnier when I go to work tomorrow and have to explain this.


Stacy said...

Is there aposta be a picture here?

How'd it go at work?

Spyder said...

Fixed the image. Now you should be able to see my lovely new doo!

I is the hawtness.

martha said...

I can't wait to hear about what happened at work. Are you going to leave it like that for a while or fix it tonight?

Spyder said...

Oh, this happened on Monday. Only time will fix this baldspot... or shaving my head, but Im still not so sure if I could get away with that at work.

I am, however, fully enjoying the sillyness of my baldspot. Also, I feel like this is one step closer to being TankGirl.

Bladspots are sexy. But only when theyre on purpose.

Stacy said...

Holy sh*t! hahahhaha

Vishal said...

Dude, two words: Alien Abduction.

Maybe you can claim benefits.

Spyder said...

Oh man! That would have been the best ever!

Shucks. too late now.

*kicks dirt*