Of Tees and Tshirts

Big news folks, if you don't know already, my Doctor Who tshirt collab w/ Anna-Maria Jung is up for purchase at J!NX. Available in ladies and gents fittings!

The Doctor loves silly hats!
Speaking of collaborations w/ Anna-Maria, here's one that just finished voting on Threadless! This might be my favorite collaboration yet. Check out Anna-Maria's blog for a nice recount of our process working as a team.

Ninjas! Dinosaurs! Space! Melee! EPIC!
Here's an illo I've just finished - maybe it will be a tee shirt somewhere? Maybe not. Either way - I've had this idea about meerkats as hipsters for awhile, and I finally got around to drawing it!

Also, I've got a random assortment of shirts up at Tilteed and DesignbyHumans for voting. Why not leave a few comments?

Expect a few more tshirt subs soon, as well as some other goodies. 
That's all for now!


john xerxes said...

i want to get that nerdy Ganesha as a tattoo!

Rebekie.b said...

You wouldn't be the first! If you decide to get it as a tattoo, just make sure to send me a picture!