Practicing the Craft

Soooo I have waaay too many hobbies. Since last I blogged I mentioned picking up needlework for ha-ha's.... cross stitch was fun, but kind of tedious overall. Sewing in general has sort of always been a troublesome chore for me to get through... so I picked up crochet, and made THIS lovely scarf. I've also crocheted a mobius strip scarf (which there are no pics of as yet), and am also crocheting an octopus. Yes. An octopus. I fucking LOVE crochet.

But do I stop at crochet? Noooooo, I don't stop there! This evening I have been working on holiday cards (shh, it's a surprise). Oh, boy! Hey, and we can't forget the possibility of a commission of 80 scifi themed illustrations

So, yeah. I've been busy. Don't expect to hear from me too much over the next couple'a weeks.


Queen Anarchy Mob said...

I WANNA SEE MOREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I need to do christmas cards too... hell....I need to start now! HUGS!!!

Sean Friedman said...

Nice scarf and can't wait to see the octopus. Happy Holidays