Dead Things

It rained lots, and lots last night, just like all the weather forcasters said it would.

This morning i entered the fenced in pool area at my mums house to stretch out a sheet that had been soaked in the deluge and was struck by an awful stench. The item emitting the stench was quicly located as a blob of putrid green flesh bloated and slick from the rain. Bones were visible here and there where the skin had melted away.

After viewing the Dead Thing from several angles (firmly clamping tshirt over mounth and nose, breathing in coffee breath to avoid another whiff) I determine it to be mammalian, a large rodent of some kind.

* * *

pictures (beyond the cut for you squeamish types)

i especially like the colors. Aside from upping the contrast a bit I didn't saturate the colors and more, that green is all real. You should have seen it earlier when it was fresh and bloaty.
Also, may I point out the grain like swarm of maggots at its cream center?

Its the food chain!


Dan L-K said...

I'm totally ok with NO PICTURES.



spyder said...

sorry, missus! posted them anyway, but politely beyond-the-cut!

see, i'm not entirely evil.

Caren said...

The photos weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. The colors are AMAZING. Still totally gross tho.

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

holy shit!!!!